Judith Lyons will be presenting her work at Photofusion, Brixton on Tuesday 17 January as part of the Experimenting with Photography Event

The event features talks by the four finalists of the 2011 Photofusion Hotshoe Awards. The talk will see artists Jeremy Akerman, Judith Lyons, Chloe Sells and Eva Stenram discuss the future of photographic practice with exhibition curator Carole Evans, after a surge of experimental work has become a recent trend within the fine art photography market.

The four participating artists have all experimented with the medium in their practices - be it by using Photofusion's darkrooms to engage with alternative processes and camera-less photography or by digitally manipulating, altering and transforming images to create something less ubiquitous.

Evans believes that the debate will be a lively and interesting take on what she referred to, when talking to the BJP, as the "quest for the unique image."

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